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Digital Signage

Entertain, Engage & Inform

Improve your guest's experience while increasing sales with a built in inventory of Waterpark specific promotional messages. Promote food, beverage, group sales, birthdays, special events, safety rules and much more. Announcements are available in audio, video and digital signage formats. We are always adding announcements to our library to build your business!
Make line-ups feel shorter, highlight special offers, educate, entertain, influence and engage with digital signage. Integrate your entertainment program into an in center digital signage network. FEC Music H2O digital signage display options combine entertainment, advertising and promotional media along with an integrated video text feed to create unlimited opportunities to entertain and create revenues.

Custom Produced Promotional Announcements

Detailed, relevant offers presented at strategic times are your key to increased revenues. Let us create audio, video or digital signage, promotional material specific to your events, packages and offerings. Our professional copy writers, voice talent and graphic design team will work with you to create marketing messages that sell while improving your guests' experience.
  • Agree on objectives, create story board and play schedule
  • Provide spot preview for approval
  • Once approved, upload to your player and schedule as specified

Video Text

FEC Music H2O Video Text is your solution!

Instantly create messages on your TVs to promote food & beverage products, make birthday dedications and announce upcoming events. Create, save and schedule unlimited messages to automatically play at scheduled times.

Video Text is exclusive to FEC Music H2O and is the perfect addition to the digital signage!
Video Text Digital Signage screenshot